Real estate is at an all time low and there has never been a better opportunity to pick up bargains like the current environment.  Interest rates and housing prices are very low and that combination makes it a very appealing investment.

The issue many new investors have is that they lack the knowledge and fear what they don’t understand.  This ebook is the cummulation of the knowledge and experience I have learned over many years of being a full-time real estate investor.  You can learn from my successes and failures and use them to your advantage.

I only wish I had read a book similar to this one before I started buying real estate.  This ebook teaches you how to find bargain property uses ways outside of the common “MLS” or multi-list service which is the online property listing service most commonly used.

Everyone uses this service so it is to competitive to get the best deals before professionals snap them up with cash offers the day they are listed.  My method uses a little used system that has few competitors and gets bargain property.

You will learn what areas of the house to rehab and do it cheaply along with the best way to “sell” the property or rent it.  These methods are real life knowledge not just some information picked up from other investors or books.  I have developed and used these methods myself.

If your looking to get into real estate investing this book will wake you up to the reality of it and either save you a lot of time and money or give you ideas and inspiration to make a full time living investing in real estate.

Listen to what some customers have said about this ebook:

Well Research Real Estate Book

The author seems to know exactly how to buy, manage, and sell real estate and puts it across in words that are easy to understand for a novice like myself. I was impressed with the detail and methods of acquiring property at reduced prices. It was very useful in my search for my first rental property.

Much of the information in this book you can tell was learned first hand by the author and much of the advice seems to be very reliable and accurate.There are many tips and lessons of real estate investing that I have not seen or heard anywhere before. If your looking for some real world investing advice spend the $10 to buy this ebook

Mike M.

Great start for property investors

I have held off for years now in buying property, simply because of the mortgage minefield that purchasing real estate entails. However, I stumbled across this book and decided to look and did not realize that real estate investing was as scary as I first thought. There are key things you really ought to know.

This book delivers those little facts and tips that you should heed and read. I have now got more confidence in the the real estate investment market than I had before. This cleared up some of those cobwebs of doubt.

K. Hedges

Don’t let $10 stop you from achieving your financial dreams and living the life of a passive income investor.

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